Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 tips to become the best

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Fortnite Battle Royale is the phenomenon of the moment game. He breaks audience records on Twitch and YouTube and manages to convince more and more players, eclipsing even his rival PUBG. Free, Fortnite is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A beta version is released on iOS and the game will land soon on Android. Twitter A presence on all platforms, a free and a very popular Battle Royale game mode that make it a huge success. But it's not necessarily easy to be a beginner on Fortnite and that's why we offer a series of tips to get you started.
Fortnite Battle Royale is the game that everyone has been talking about since the end of 2017. The Ninja streamer broke an audience record on Twitch during a Fortnite session with Drake , while Spanish El Rubius exploded the counters on YouTube. in the company of other Spanish-speaking streamers, exceeding the bar of one million simultaneous viewers.

Fortnite Battle Royale: how to get started?
Popularity can be explained by several factors. It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One while a beta version of Fortnite is released on iOS and the game will soon land on Android . It therefore potentially affects a large sample of gamers. Another important parameter: it is free, unlike its main competitor, PUBG.

Its cartoon aspect also allows it to stand out and attract another type of audience. Fortnite Hack for v bucks But do not be fooled by the colorful and cute look that Fortnite can bring out, it's not really easy to handle , especially for players who are not used to the Battle Royale genre. That's why we give you some tips to get you started.

Choose the best weapons

Players have an inventory with only 5 slots . It is therefore not possible to recover all the weapons you find and it is necessary to make a choice. To ensure the balance of the game, there is no really powerful weapon that surpasses all others, but there are still some basic rules to assimilate to get out right at the beginning.

Know that to be good on Fortnite, a good management of the distance is essential. That's why you have to be versatile and be able to answer all kinds of questions. For that, you need effective weapons from far and near. Of course, you must also know how to adapt. You will sometimes run out of ammo or will not be able to find the weapon you want. Some are rarer than others.

A sniper will be very effective at long distance , especially in nature. With such a weapon, you can make a carnage on high positions. The assault rifle, on the other hand, offers a good compromise as far as the distance is concerned, allowing you to shoot from a distance as close as possible. Less effective, it nevertheless requires precision. If you are in town or thinking of spending time in a building, the shotgun is an excellent short range weapon.

Feel free to abuse shield potions, which provide additional protection in addition to the 100 basic health points. They can be ingested as soon as they are recovered, but be sure before you are safe: you will be vulnerable during a course of time. But you have to use them quickly: the armor is very important to survive and it frees up space in the inventory.

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Yesterday, I presented you a cheat trick for Camping Paradis and Fifa Mobile Football. Today, there is a mix of both genres: a management and strategy game in which you have to do everything to lead the most powerful kingdoms: Lords Mobile Hack. And since an article never comes alone, you will find on this page all the instructions necessary to activate our special Lords Mobile gem generator . Cool no?

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Presentation of the gem generator - cheat tool
The gem generator has been specially made by our teams of developers . The latter are specialists in cheat tools adapted to mobile video games. Thanks to their high-level expertise, we can offer quality cheats to a large number of French-speaking players.

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Recently, at the request of the commission of expertise, we had to integrate an additional security portal to each of our generators. Naturally, the gem generator for Lords Mobile is also concerned. This is actually a test anti robot a little further than what is usually known.

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Feel free to leave us a comment to tell us about your gaming experience with the Lords Mobile Gems Generator! We can not wait to read you🙂

Lords Mobile: a not so classic RPG!
mobile lords cheat hack gems freePublished by I Got Games (IGG), Lords Mobile is an RPG in which you will have to demonstrate strategy but also a great managerial talent.

Plunged into a bellicose and chaotic environment , the player will have to embody a super powerful lord wishing to liberate the world from the forces of evil. Ambitious, you say, this is what attracts millions of players around the world to Lords Mobile .

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