Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 tips to become the best

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Fortnite Battle Royale is the phenomenon of the moment game. He breaks audience records on Twitch and YouTube and manages to convince more and more players, eclipsing even his rival PUBG. Free, Fortnite is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A beta version is released on iOS and the game will land soon on Android. Twitter A presence on all platforms, a free and a very popular Battle Royale game mode that make it a huge success. But it's not necessarily easy to be a beginner on Fortnite and that's why we offer a series of tips to get you started.
Fortnite Battle Royale is the game that everyone has been talking about since the end of 2017. The Ninja streamer broke an audience record on Twitch during a Fortnite session with Drake , while Spanish El Rubius exploded the counters on YouTube. in the company of other Spanish-speaking streamers, exceeding the bar of one million simultaneous viewers.

Fortnite Battle Royale: how to get started?
Popularity can be explained by several factors. It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One while a beta version of Fortnite is released on iOS and the game will soon land on Android . It therefore potentially affects a large sample of gamers. Another important parameter: it is free, unlike its main competitor, PUBG.

Its cartoon aspect also allows it to stand out and attract another type of audience. Fortnite Hack for v bucks But do not be fooled by the colorful and cute look that Fortnite can bring out, it's not really easy to handle , especially for players who are not used to the Battle Royale genre. That's why we give you some tips to get you started.

Choose the best weapons

Players have an inventory with only 5 slots . It is therefore not possible to recover all the weapons you find and it is necessary to make a choice. To ensure the balance of the game, there is no really powerful weapon that surpasses all others, but there are still some basic rules to assimilate to get out right at the beginning.

Know that to be good on Fortnite, a good management of the distance is essential. That's why you have to be versatile and be able to answer all kinds of questions. For that, you need effective weapons from far and near. Of course, you must also know how to adapt. You will sometimes run out of ammo or will not be able to find the weapon you want. Some are rarer than others.

A sniper will be very effective at long distance , especially in nature. With such a weapon, you can make a carnage on high positions. The assault rifle, on the other hand, offers a good compromise as far as the distance is concerned, allowing you to shoot from a distance as close as possible. Less effective, it nevertheless requires precision. If you are in town or thinking of spending time in a building, the shotgun is an excellent short range weapon.

Feel free to abuse shield potions, which provide additional protection in addition to the 100 basic health points. They can be ingested as soon as they are recovered, but be sure before you are safe: you will be vulnerable during a course of time. But you have to use them quickly: the armor is very important to survive and it frees up space in the inventory.

Cheat Lords Mobile - Free and unlimited gems - cheat trick

Yesterday, I presented you a cheat trick for Camping Paradis and Fifa Mobile Football. Today, there is a mix of both genres: a management and strategy game in which you have to do everything to lead the most powerful kingdoms: Lords Mobile Hack. And since an article never comes alone, you will find on this page all the instructions necessary to activate our special Lords Mobile gem generator . Cool no?

As the title of our article suggests, this cheat is completely free . And since it's free, it's also unlimited . She is not beautiful life?

If you have already used a generator Fapigeux in the past, know that we have not changed much if it is the implementation of a new security system that you must compulsorily validate.

Since you have never used any cheat tool, reading this article will be beneficial for the future.

Let's start now with a short presentation of our hack ..

Presentation of the gem generator - cheat tool
The gem generator has been specially made by our teams of developers . The latter are specialists in cheat tools adapted to mobile video games. Thanks to their high-level expertise, we can offer quality cheats to a large number of French-speaking players.

Designed from our own labs, the gem generator has been tested on a multiplicity of devices whose operating systems are different ( among others: iOS, Android and Windows Phone ). Following our evaluations, we have to send our generator to an expert commission so that it can be evaluated again. This last phase of testing Twitter allows to control the reliability as well as the efficiency of our cheat tool.

It goes without saying that without the agreement of the commission, we can not put on line our cheat. This also explains why many games still remain today without a generator ... Yes, safety matters at Fapijeux!

Lords Mobile free gems trick cheat hack

Recently, at the request of the commission of expertise, we had to integrate an additional security portal to each of our generators. Naturally, the gem generator for Lords Mobile is also concerned. This is actually a test anti robot a little further than what is usually known.

As we told you before, this portal must be validated if you want to recover all of your gems on your account. We advise you to watch the video that we published at the beginning of this article to understand how to proceed with this validation.

Finally, be aware that the generator acts as a transparent filter within the Lords Mobile system. In fact, you can use and abuse this cheat in peace: you run no risk ban! Promised sworn !

Okay, so are you ready? We move to the technique?

Activation of the hack - generator of gems
Step 1 : Click on the " Access the generator " button at the top of this page
Step 2 : Select the operating system for your device: iOS or Android .
Step 3 : In the corresponding box, enter either the alias you use on Lords Mobile, or the identifier linked to your download platform (Google Play or App Store).
Step 4 : Among the proposed quantities, choose the one that suits you then click on " Start the generator" . Of course, you can renew this step later when you are out of gems on Lords Mobile again.
Step 5 : Thanks to the video published at the top of this article, validate our security system then wait a few moments so that the transfer of all your gems is done
Step 6 : Then go to Lords Mobile to enjoy all of your resources!
Feel free to leave us a comment to tell us about your gaming experience with the Lords Mobile Gems Generator! We can not wait to read you🙂

Lords Mobile: a not so classic RPG!
mobile lords cheat hack gems freePublished by I Got Games (IGG), Lords Mobile is an RPG in which you will have to demonstrate strategy but also a great managerial talent.

Plunged into a bellicose and chaotic environment , the player will have to embody a super powerful lord wishing to liberate the world from the forces of evil. Ambitious, you say, this is what attracts millions of players around the world to Lords Mobile .

The large number of resources needed to improve your kingdom and your troops fully justifies the use of a generator of gems . Between food, minerals or wood, it's hard not to get lost. But thanks to our cheat, you can now make it soft and cheer with other players around the world.

Guide and tricks of FIFA Mobile Football: How to get free coins

FIFA Mobile Soccer is now the flagship of EA Games in terms of mobile games . It is available FIFA Mobile Hack for iOS and Android and reaps an unprecedented success, in parallel to FIFA 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One , FIFA Mobile hack for iOS to give an example.

It is a particular game, in which you must raise levels and unlock new and better players. For that, first you have to make merits, and that in the game translates into completing achievements and winning games to win more coins of FIFA Mobile Football.
fifa moblie hack for andriod and ios

These coins or FIFA Coins are the common currency of the game, with which you can open about players, training and improve the players you already have. The more coins your team will be.

There are several tricks to get more free coins in FIFA for mobile , although you can always go directly to the stores and against FIFA Points to take the easy shortcut, the ones who go through the box and directly buy the success.

Our proposals go in another direction: a guide to squeeze all the possibilities of the application to make you rich without having to drop the euros or cheat, only with legal tricks for FIFA Mobile Soccer.

Escape the infinite coin hack in FIFA Mobile Football
There are a lot of websites and YouTube channels that offer a hack to have unlimited and free FIFA coins . Do not be tempted to download the game and cheat.

We will not resort to moral and ethical arguments to beg you not to cheat, but to something more earthy: if you cheat online games, you always end up banned . It will take more or less, depending on the agility of the developer company, but in the end you will be banned from playing permanently.

As if this warning was not enough, we add another one: the malware. Viruses roam free on Android, a mobile operating system in which users do not give as much importance to security threats. These games are modified APK versions of the original, and to know who has modified them and for what purpose.

If you do not want a hacker to take control of your smartphone and read all your messages, it is best to try to get many FIFA Mobile Football coins without a hack and other tricks that put you in danger.

Become a Monchi: buy cheap and sell expensive
The market of this game offers endless opportunities to earn money. This is Twitter where you have to put on the mask of Monchi, sports director of Sevilla FC, and give hard to the sale of players.

Go directly to the market, filter available players and sale to see only players who have a low-average rating, say between 70 and 80 points. Then it also filters its price, so you can buy it immediately for a price of between 500 and 1,500 coins.

Here the trick of FIFA Mobile Football is to invest coins in cheap players and then take advantage of others . Normally there is always someone who ends up paying a small extra cost for a football player although this is not very good.

Your strategy to earn coins is to sell the player you just bought at the price of balance for a little more than what it cost you, say 20%. If you put it for 1,000 coins, put it on sale for 1,200 of immediate sale.

Now sit down and wait for someone, in their desperation to reinforce themselves, to end up giving you 200 free and easy FIFA Mobile coins . Once you have managed to speculate with one footballer, move on to the next.

As you earn money, you can invest in more expensive players with a higher profit margin, so patience and mess. It is a long-term trick, which will not make you a millionaire immediately but every day will give you a handful of coins if you are attentive to the market.

Participate in live events
The events included in EA Games for this mobile game allow you to add coins daily . Just start you can access a free trial, but then you have to wait daily to see what is available in the application.

The trick to win many coins with FIFA Mobile Football events is not to participate in many different events, but to take advantage of those that can be played over and over again to infinity. In just a few hours and with a lot of work you can earn a good amount.

Like all other possible ways to have more and better FIFA Mobile cards, you have to work it out, but it's worth it.

Start a season
Once you reach level 8, the option to play a season is enabled. It's the fastest way to earn coins in FIFA Mobile, although not the easiest one . As you level up the rivals are better and scratching a tie costs the same life, and that the cash prizes are interesting.

400 coins to tie and 800 to win is a gift that is worth getting. If you are good and you are lucky, to chain several consecutive victories you can plant yourself with a solid economic base, enough to invest in footballers and then resell them for more money.

Little by little, with these three tricks to get free coins in FIFA Mobile Soccer you can make a template that competes for everything. Of course, money is not the solution if you have not learned to play along the way.

Clash Royale Deck #3 (eingereicht von BloodHound0107)

Valkyrie (Level 5)
Barbaren (Level 6)
Pfeile (Level 7)
Speer Goblins (Level 7)
Barbarische Hütte (Level 4)
Hexe (Level 3)
Baby Dragon (Level 2)
Riesenskelett (Level 3)
Durchschnittliches Elixier: 4,6

Höchste Arena erreicht: Arena 5-Zauberstadt

Höchste Trophäen erreicht:--

Spieler Ebene: 7

Deck Strategie/Erklärung
Ich liebe dieses Deck. Es hat mich Tonnen Siege bekommen. Es hat eine große Verwechslung, aber mit extremer Kraft. Wenn eine Goblin-Hütte im Rücken und ein riesiges Skelett und ein Baby Dragon Combo in der gleichen Gasse ist, ist der Angriff rücksichtslos. Die Hexe/Drachen/Speer Goblins kümmern sich Clash Royal kostenlose gold um alle Luftangriffe gegen mich. Die Valkyrie hilft bei mächtigen Truppen wie dem Hog Rider oder Prince. Die Pfeile nehmen Horden schnell heraus. Die Rakete kann einen Turm in einer letzten zweiten Prise zerstören, oder einen Turm beschädigen und 2-3 Hütten gleichzeitig herausnehmen.


Baby Dragon (LV 1)
Ballon (LV 1)
Goblins (LV 4)
Barbaren (LV 7)
Skelette (LV 4)
Vasallen Hort (LV 5)
Prinz (LV 3)
Pfeile (LV 5)
Durchschnittliches Elixier: 3,8

Höchste Arena erreicht: Arena 5-Zauberstadt

Höchste Trophäen erreicht:--

Spieler Ebene: 7

Deck Strategie/Erklärung
So tun, als Angriff auf einen Turm mit Barbaren oder Baby Hack Clash Royale Dragon. Dann fallen die Prinzen auf der anderen Seite, sobald Sie Ihre Truppen für die Theke fallen.
Deploy Barbaren gefolgt von Ballons
Bereitstellen von Drachen gefolgt von Ballons
Mit den Pfeilen können Sie verhindern, dass die Schergen ihren Ballon abnehmen
Benutze Skelette und Goblins, um Prinz, Riese oder Riesenskelett zu Hack Clash Royale begegnen
Wenn Sie mit Hexen konfrontiert sind, müssen Sie vorsichtiger spielen. Lassen Sie die Hexe auf einer ihrer Truppen/Türme zu sperren und sofort setzen Goblins/Skelette hinter der Hexe.
Kann Skelett Armee entgegenwirken, aber es ist sehr schwer, Massen Twitter Laich Truppen wie Goblin oder barbarische Hütte zu kontrollieren.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack & Cheats

Shadow Fight 3 is still a variety of nailbiting classical Fighting in addition to RPG. That really is 1 game which will allow you to have countless weapons that are infrequent and mortal combined side collections of armor to protect oneself from the struggle. The match also has heaps of animated methods of Martial Arts that look like happening in real! This match includes a thrilling Fantasy narrative which functions because you struggle a Shadow Fight 3 range of conflicts against the exceptional, wicked enemies and conquer all these demons. Within this match, it is possible to Defeat all friends and family by waging a war within this exciting in addition to incredible match on societal networking platforms. This match is available at no cost at the socialnetworking portal site like the Facebook.

shadow fight 3 cheats

Shadow Fight 3 permits you to see a fantastic and stunning warfare. For moving forwards within this match, you as the gamer would want to obtain experience whilst the darkness fighter and struggle in to the ever-increasing hierarchy of diehard lanes. The shadow fighter should cultivate concerning learning as well. He has to learn all of the newest skills infighting. When you've reached a specific degree and gained a while, then you definitely are going to Astuce Shadow Fight 3 find the ability to get started using different and sexy whitened weapons. These weapons play a critical function in the removal of competitions. There really are a whole lot of resources required to grow in addition to move ahead to various degrees. The Shadow Fight will really help keep you glued to your displays for lengthy hours together with its animations that are addictive.

If you're hooked on this Shadow Fight 3 on line game and continue searching for short cuts to go on to high degrees without playing for hours to get coins and gems, then our hack tool to get this particular game will be surely going to produce the game even more exciting to youpersonally. This hack tool is operate readily and doesn't need any downloads. It has got incorporated with the match readily since it's an internet hack tool. It really is more than just 100% safe since it can't be discovered. As this hack is imperceptible, it prevents you from needing hacking in to this match. It's therefore safe that it leaves no hint to url to a accounts.

The Shadow Fight 3 hack makes certain that you're never in short supply of Coins or Gems. We ensured that through Shadow Fight 3 hack on, your accounts always has a source of boundless Gems and Coins. Free Shadow Fight 3 Gems The very most useful thing about this tool is that as soon as you put in your email identification and decide on the amount of coins (read infinite range of coins) and jewels you'd like to have on your accounts, it'd take just seconds to understand your account filled together with your desirable Coins and Gems. Additionally you will be spared from earning each one of those purchases from the program and also invest in proceed to high degrees. The boundless Coins and Gems are surely a blessing in exciting and thrilling matches such as these. No matter how the fun does not just stop this, the hack tool is continually updated by all of us to be certain that it's usually working.

What more the hack tool is totally FREE of cost and includes zero strings attached. So exactly what have you been awaiting!! Simply put in this hack on tool and use this application to dragonmanialegendshacked unleash fresh weapons and also lift your odds of winning! Happy Fighting!

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